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7th May 2022




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The Starfield name was originally conceived by Daphne Fielding and registered as the kennel name for her Samoyeds when she started breeding them in 1985. We had kept Samoyeds from the early 1960s but only as pets until circa 1978 when Daphne decided to start showing our then current pet. Sadly I have to record that in March 2020 our last Samoyed, Barney died at the age of 12 ½. He is greatly missed and for the first time in 56 years we don’t have a Samoyed around the house. It seems very strange. But we do have our terrier Fern to keep us on our toes.

I borrowed the Starfield name for my business name when I was self-employed and used it amongst other things, to market a computer program which I wrote to keep breeding records and print the pedigrees an otherwise tedious job. The web site has been created to share with everyone our separate interests in the Samoyed breed (her hobby) and in motorcycles (his hobby). Click on the tabs to the left for the rest of the Starfield story.

My interest in bikes dates from my early teens and I cannot remember a time when I did not have one or two around the place even when we lived abroad; Actually, especially when I was abroad as the weather was so much better for biking. The 'His' part of the site covers some of the bikes I have owned over the last 20 years or so. Many of them were restored by me, most of them were abused by me especially the older Brit bikes which were regularly used in VMCC events, particularly those which had a green lane content. I hasten to add that most of the bikes pictured have moved on though at one time we were harbouring 14 bikes. I am trying to sample all the bikes that I would have liked to own in my youth so I tend to buy, restore/fettle, enjoy then sell to fund the next project. Every now and then I find one I cannot bear to part with. Sometimes I find one I cannot get rid of quickly enough. The greatest pleasure comes from turning a rusting pile of bits into a usable, tidy machine.

In December 2006 I decided to extend the site to include some details and pictures of my other great love, Scuba Diving. Ten years on and I have decided to give up diving for various reasons though I am still a social member of my local dive club. In December 2016 I suddenly got an urge to take up model railways as a new hobby and I started a blogg on this activity in January 2017. This broadened into an interest in model steam locomotives and later into other forms of garden railway so I started a new blogg on this hobby in September 2019.

Peter & Daphne Fielding

Due to the number of scam emails received, I have removed the contact page from this website – sorry. We can be contacted on +44 1225 763 567



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